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Yggdrasil Lumberjack

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Introducing new Event on Rave Ragnarok, Yggdrasil Lumberjack!


The warper will available every Tuesday on 20.00 GMT+7 and Saturday on 19.00 GMT+7


(/navi payon 139/219)
Keep your stamina filled up and work until dawn!
Wait! You need to prepare yourself before you go!

Axe Vendor
(/navi moro_cav 36/71)

Here you can purchase an axe before lumbering for 10.000.000 zeny and buy some equipment to support you. Work harder, work faster!

  • Lumber Bandana [Upper Head] : 10.000.000 zeny
  • Lumber Glove [Shield] : 10.000.000 zeny
  • Lumber Jacket [Armor] : 10.000.000 zeny
  • Lumber Boots [Footgear] : 10.000.000 zeny

Item Combo:

  • Lumber Bandana + Lumber Jacket, lumbering idle time -1s
  • Lumber Glove  + Lumber Boots, lumbering idle time -1s

Important Notes: You have total of 100 energy which is decreased by one every you chop the tree. You can Full Restore your energy in Axe Vendor for 5.000.000 zeny. You can check your current energy in Axe Vendor NPC.

How to play

1. On the Event Area you will saw a big tree called Devil Tree. Equip your axe, then click on that Devil Tree to start lumbering.


2. After you click the Devil Tree, a loading bar will appear on top of your head.


    3.  Wait it until done and you will get the image.png woods. You have chance to get 1, 2, 5 or 10 woods every you chop the tree.


    Pengepul Kayu

    (/navi payon 134/219)

    He is the image.png log/wood collectors. Talk to him on Payon and stock your logs until reaching certain amount.

    And here is the things you can get by how many you stock the logs to collectors.

    Item Name




    C Kitty Magician

    [500 image.png ]


    It just a cat, but he can do magic tricks. 



    C Kitty Hat

    [1000 image.png ]


    A hat ever used by Kitty Magician in his glory time.



    C Gaia Spirit

    [1500 image.png ]


    Spirit from mother of earth surrounding your body.



    C Gaia Archangel Wing

    [2000image.png ]

    A pair of white wings from an archangel infused by spirit of the earth. You can see how its reflected a solid brown soil color.


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