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Dig or Treat!

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Introducing new Event on Rave Ragnarok

Dig or Treat SD.png

The warper will available every Tuesday on 20.00 GMT+7 and Saturday on 19.00 GMT+7


(/navi payon 139/219)
Time for some Halloween! Dig! or! Treat! Find many pieces of item and exchange for exclusive costumes
Wait! You need to prepare yourself before you go!

(/navi niflheim_a 322/252)

Here you can purchase a Grave Shovel before lumbering for 10.000.000 zeny and buy some equipment to support you. Work harder, work faster!

  • Gravedigger Bandana [Upper Head] : 10.000.000 zeny
  • Gravedigger Glove [Shield] : 10.000.000 zeny
  • Gravedigger Jacket [Armor] : 10.000.000 zeny
  • Gravedigger Boots [Footgear] : 10.000.000 zeny

Item Combo:

  • Gravedigger Bandana + Gravedigger Jacket, lumbering idle time -1s
  • Gravedigger Glove  + Gravedigger Boots, lumbering idle time -1s

Important Notes: Your Shovel have total of 100 usable durability which is decreased by one every you dig the soil with dark soul inside it. You can repair the shovel on Gravedigger NPC for 5.000.000 zeny. You can check your current durability in Gravedigger NPC.

How to play

1. On the Event Area you will saw something on top of dirt called Dark Soul. Equip your shovel, then click on that Dark Soul to start digging and obtain special item.


2. After you click the Dark Soul, a loading bar will appear on top of your head.


    3.  Wait it until done and you will get the item. There is the list of item and the point you can get:

    • Skel-Bone: 1 point
    • Skull: 2 point
    • Rotten Meat: 5 point
    • Clattering Skull: 10 point

    Crazy Pumpkin

    (/navi payon 134/219)

    He is kinda crazy, but he can give you some candy. Talk to him on Payon to get Candy Points and exchange with exclusive Halloween Costume from Pumpkin Candy Holder for 500 points each item.

    And then, open the Pumpkin Candy Holder to get one of these costumes:

    Item Name




    C Halloween Bag



    Viking Pumpkin Ring shaped bag designed for Halloween decoration.




    Costume Overflowing Black Soul

    [Lower Head]


    Unknown aura that wrapped your body.




    C Scratch Mask

    [Middle Head]


    A mask wore by assassin organization.




    C Will O' Wisp

    [Lower Head]


    Mysterious flame floating around is
    even to enter the hell
    not allowed, pathetic dead
    have been handed down that it is the soul.



    Costume Executioner Hood

    [Upper Head]


    The purple T-shirt which fit into shadowed human face.




    C Always Watching Me

    [Upper Head]


    Every move you make.. always watching.




    C Hat of the Sun God

    [Upper Head]


    A hat that is said to have been worn by the god of the sun.


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